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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Bearded Lady descrption

The  Bearded Lady description

The etched on her face told a story of all the disappointment in her life.  Her beard was clean approximately 2 cm below her chin and also well shaped. Her eyes dripping with tears shows how hard her life has been.


Her hair was as curly as curly fries could be.  Her hair tells the story of how stressful her life has been from all of the teasing that had happened in her life.  The dark thick black hair on her head shone in the light as she sang. The hair on her head meandered down her head and her back.  Her hair piled up on her head and stood high which was showing how proud she is.

I think that I did well with this description about the bearded lady from the greatest showman but maybe next time I could have added more to the description about the bearded lady.

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