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Monday, 11 September 2017

Artist profile

Name: Danyon Varney
Age: 10
Nationality: English
Best known for: I am best known for my collage on pic-collage and paper favourite piece of artwork is the collage on the ipad.
Influences: I chose an orange because nobody else was doing an orange and I also didn’t want to do the same thing a everybody else.
Purpose of artwork: the purpose of the collage is to mix the one colour with a different shade of that colour.
Creation of artwork:
we had to get the same colour of the fruit or object in different shades and glue it to the object.


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Why video games are addictive

Why video games are addictive

Why Video Games are Addictive
Hey! Get off  your video games. You’ve been on there for 4 hours! As we all know video games are highly addictive.
Addictive means that people can’t stop playing computer games or video games. But today we have many more addictive video games like Roblox , Minecraft and League of Legends. Also, many people play these games but they just can’t stop.

Usually in these video games you go up to different ranks and you get new items or new characters. In Minecraft there is a skin editor and the skin editor is where you can make a new Minecraft skin. Also in Roblox people keep creating new servers almost every day, so the players are enticed into wanting to explore these new scenarios.  

In Roblox people keep playing because it never ends. They start to tell their friends or cousins about the game and how they will get to play the game . Also in video games you’ve always either got a mission to finish or you have a score to beat. Whenever you're in a video game or computer game there’s always either your friend playing with you or it’s a multiplayer game.

Video games are easily downloaded which means people can access them easily.  Most people have computers, phones and ipads  that they can play games on, so  they download multiple games to play. This makes the players even more addicted to the games.

While computer games can be fun and a good hobby, there are also some downsides to playing them too often. One of the problems is that kids play on computers too much and they don’t really do activities and communicate with their friends or family. Their school work might begin to suffer and they might not get enough sleep. Also  they might even become unhealthy and  obese from sitting on a chair for a long time.

Overall, I recommend that people should enjoy computer games but be aware of the risks and limit their time on devices, so they can still lead a balanced and healthy life.

Monday, 22 May 2017

persuasive writing

I think that I am the best person for the job because I know a lot about bikes and how they work. I think that I know how to fix bikes like if the chain falls off i’ll put it back on or if the tire pops i’ll put a new one on.I can modify lots of stuff like tools or toys or a bike.

I know how hard it is to get uphill on a bike and I believe your bike is in need of a upgrade. I am the person to fix your bike so you can get uphill. I have drawn a diagram of what I am going to do I have put two rocket boosters on either side of the bike.You can make the bike go faster with the rocket boosters. I have put a switch on the handlebars that is wired to the boosters so the switch can make the boosters go faster or slower or just medium speed.

You may think I dont have the right materials to fix your bike. But I actually do have the right materials to fix your bike.For example at my house I have lots of tools and love fixing stuff.

To reiterate,I believe that ms Montgomery must hire me to enhance her bike. I can assure you I am the best person for the challenge. I am the best person because I have lots of expereine.