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Thursday, 7 June 2018



As the smell crept through the piles of junk Esther stared down piles of junk looking for something valuable.  As she rummaged through the rubbish she found the most shiny piece of jewelry in a box with music. ¨ would you look at that its beautiful¨  ¨well it's getting darker so I should probably get back home.¨ On the outskirts of the city was the junk yard in all its glory, which was where Esther lived. Slowly she opened the box and found a diamond ring and thought of a way to use it. Creeping back to her house she picked up other things on the way.  About 2 hours later Esther found the thing she had been longing for and searching for, she grabbed it and started walking back to her cardboard house. Is this the most beautiful thing you´ve ever seen? She said to herself.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The legend of Sina and the eel

Field Safety

Field Safety

Ways you could avoid getting hurt

How you could get hurt

Look where you're going so you don’t trip,slip or bang into someone

Hurting yourself on the goal post.

Run into many people

You could get hurt by bugs or bees and wasp.

Be cautious and watch for balls if there is one coming towards your head.

You could trip on mud,rocks and bumps.

If you don’t want to get bugs in your eyes you probably shouldn’t play near the native bush.

You could break bones or sprain your ankle.

Be more Cautious

Watch for animals or bug around you to make sure you don’t hurt them or yourself

Look for balls coming your way if someone kicks one.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

When the lights turn off

When the lights turn off
By Danyon

Night 1: Click! Click! Click! As the lights turned off Mr Tomokino said, “If you wake up before I turn the lights on, don’t talk to anyone because you could wake people up.” “Goodnight Mr T” is what all the boys said.  2 minutes later… “shhh boys be quiet!” Another 5 minutes later… Creek... Creek, “boys I can hear you from where I am so go to sleep!” About 5 minutes later we all fell asleep.

Night 2:  Click went the lights as they turned off.  “Ok boys NO talking tonight or you’ll be sleeping in the hallway ok!” “ok” the boys said.  As soon as Mr Tomokino left the room, SOME of the boys started talking. Around 2 minutes later Mr Tomokino came back into the boys room and said, “I can hear you so be quiet!” we all shushed each other and went back to sleep.  ¨Finally your all asleep!¨ shhhhhhhh! Life lesson, never talk at night in your dorms or you´ll be in big trouble.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Bearded Lady descrption

The  Bearded Lady description

The etched on her face told a story of all the disappointment in her life.  Her beard was clean approximately 2 cm below her chin and also well shaped. Her eyes dripping with tears shows how hard her life has been.


Her hair was as curly as curly fries could be.  Her hair tells the story of how stressful her life has been from all of the teasing that had happened in her life.  The dark thick black hair on her head shone in the light as she sang. The hair on her head meandered down her head and her back.  Her hair piled up on her head and stood high which was showing how proud she is.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit
Movie Review
Peter Rabbit uses his mischievous ways to sneak his new movie onto the big screen with Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail. This film is a huge audience pleaser.   
James Corden features as Peter Rabbit with an all star crew of  actors. Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in Star Wars, lends her voice to the character of Cotton Tail while the other 2 triplets are played by Margot Robbie and Elizabeth Debicki, with Collin Moody as their cousin Benjamin bunny.  Sia, the well known top selling singer, is not to be missed as the voice of Mrs Tiggy Winkle.
In the English countryside, Peter Rabbit and his siblings are angry when a newcomer arrives at the McGregor house on a party night.  Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail scram, while Peter meets his new enemy.
We really enjoyed the humor James Corden brings to this fim.  Also, the special effects and graphics used were impeccably realistic and brought the characters to life.
Peter’s imagination takes him to some places where he would rather not be.  This entertaining, action packed film is a must see!!. The writers of the amazing script for Peter Rabbit are Will Gluck and Rob Lieber. If your planning to go to the movies, Peter Rabbit would be a good pick as it is a humorous, adventurous and a loveable tale.
We give this a rating of 4.5 stars because of the amazing graphics,some special effects and stunning  storyline and script.

By Bryan and Danyon